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Jared in Liberty, New York, wonders when and how the term fuggedaboudit originated and how came to be popularly associated with the New York metropolitan area. The films of Martin Scorsese had a lot to do with that. The word doesn’t always literally mean “forget about it.” It can also be used to mean “No problem!” or “Certainly!” or “Don’t mention it!” As you can imagine, a slangy and primarily oral term like this has a lot of different spellings: fuhgeddaboudit, fuggedaboudit, fuggedaboutit, fuhgeddaboutit, fuggetaboutit, fuhgetaboutit, fuhgedaboudit, fahgetaboutit, fugedaboudit, fugetaboutit, forgetaboutit, forgettaboutit, fuhgettaboutit, and probably more. This is part of a complete episode.

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