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 n.— «When it was announced in 2001 that the 2008 Games were to be hosted by Beijing, or as many are referred to it “Greyjing,” drastic action was undertaken to improved its smoky image—it’s just not sport when athletes have to strap on performance enhancing oxygen masks!» —“Will China’s green energy push go up in a cloud of smog?” by Sara Smith Citywire (London, United Kingdom) July 30, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Greetings-

    I think coined the catchword “Grayjing” which first appeared in the July 5-7 2002 issue of Beijing Weekend, an entertainment supplement of the Chinese government state-run English language newspaper, China Daily (CD).

    I’m pretty sure I can find Grayjing mentioned couple of times in the 71 articles I wrote for CD, as well as other citations scattered in some of my other 50 freelance articles writing about the city.

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