1. John Gombita says:

    There was in the 1800’s and early
    1900’s an occupation known as a

    Does anyone know what that occupation involved ? What type of industry ?

  2. Could be any number of jobs. Dozens, maybe. Like a guy who heats up pitch. You’re going to have to be more specific about context and where you heard or read the term.

  3. John Gombita says:

    While doing research about Pittsburgh Firefighters from the turn of the century I came across several whose previous occupation was “heater.” I thought that it might be related to the steel industry. The term was found in several old Pittsburgh newspapers and also that occupation is listed in the census from 1880-1900-1910-1930.
    Thats all I have.

  4. I too am trying to learn what occupation a “heater” was.  I have an ancestor whose occupation is listed as “heater” in the 1904 Pottstown, PA Directory.  There was a small iron/steel industry in the Pottstown area in 1904.

    Any additional information would be welcome.

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