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 v.— «Do not jock/steal/hate on my profile. If you do you will be blocked and deleted, & I will put you on my jockers list.» —“My Site Rules” LaceyLee Nov. 18, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Hello. First off, I must say I am a big fan of the show, only having recently discovered it(in the last six months or so). As far as “jock” is concerned: in high school (90’s), to “be on someone’s jock” meant to steal their style or copy their mannerisms. I believe it actually comes from hip-hop culture, as so many wonderfully colorful terms do. I’m sure I’ve heard it in several songs from the eighties. It has probably evolved from “Dude, get off my jock,” to “Don’t jock me, dude.” In one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, Calvin states that he likes to “verb words” and that “verbing wierds language” LQTM

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