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Newsletter: What’s new with the show: new episodes + new stations

Hey, friends!

Since we last emailed you, we’ve aired two new episodes of the show:

Lie Like a RugCut a chogi meaning to “take a shortcut,” plus sufficiently suffonsified, make ends meet, belly robber, slang from Albuquerque, gender-neutral language in dance class, the Bronx, The Hague, and other places with names that start with the.

Knuckle DownFree rein vs. free reign, rabble rouser vs. rebel rouser, call in sick vs. call out sick, how to talk about suicide, lingo from the game of marbles, and more.

Welcome, New Listeners!

We’re excited to hear from our new listeners on both the east coast and in the heartland:

Cape Cod listeners now find us Sunday mornings on WCAI-FM 90.1. That network, which includes WNAN 91.1 and WZAI 94.3, also serves Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Massachusetts’ South Coast

On WCAI’s The Point last week, we joined host Mindy Todd to answer a few language questions.

And we’re pleased as punch to welcome High Plains Public Radio 94.9 FM, a network that reaches listeners in Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Our show’s now heard there Sunday evenings at 8.

Martha’s in Mexico

Martha’s off to Mexico this week for the San Miguel Writers’ Conference and Literary Festival. It’s the second year she’s taught “Improv for Writers”workshops, and this video is just a taste of what made her so eager to return.

Hasta pronto,

Martha Barnette & Grant Barrett
co-hosts of A Way with Words
Call toll-free any time: (877) 929 9673

Photo by Matt Batchelor. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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