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 n.— «Lew Osborne has been a travelling “showie” all his life, bringing four rides, including the Mega Drop, and 12 sideshow games to the Perth Royal Show that starts this weekend.…A showie is a person who travels from show to show, running rides and games.Whatever you do, do not confuse them with “carnies,” the American term for show folk who are seen as slow talkers with missing teeth, bearing full-body tattoos and out to rip every cent off innocent show-goers. “We hate the word carnie, it’s an American term,” Lew said.» —“The show never stops for born-crazy Lew” by Fiona Ross-Edwards Post (Perth, Western Australia) Sept. 29, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • WELL, I have to put My “2 cents” worth. I have been a “CARNIE” for more years than I would care to count. Yet I have a DEGREES in four areas of SCIENCE, ALL My teeth, NO Tattoos, and ALWAYS give KIDS better than their BUCK. WHO is stereotyping now ? ? THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! ! ! KATHE

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