1661 n. a woman who is said to look 16 years old from the back but 61 years old from the front; an older woman who dresses in fashions meant for young women. Editorial Note: Said as “sixteen-sixty-one.” This term is used regularly by Christa D’Souza in the London Times, though it’s uncertain if she coined it. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. This <<1661>> is cute and not too rough, I hope-:)… It rhymes in with what we Hungarians would say in a similar situation: <<lyceum from back, and museum in front>>. (The two words are real rhymes as pronounced in Hungarian – first vowels are long and both words have frontal accent). The saying is at least 40 years old, as we used it in high school in the sixties. I’m curious if a similar phrase exists in English.

  2. We call them “Kronenbourg women” 1661 is the date on the bottle when Kronenbourg was first brewed.
    Dennis d5n @aol.com

  3. Brian James says:

    Umm actually Kronenbourg has 1664 on the bottle 😉

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