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Another Country Heard From

Another country heard from is a joking remark you may hear after a baby squalls. The original phrase, another county heard from, was used in the 19th century to announce election results as they slowly trickled in. This is part of a complete episode.

Boo-Boo Boo-Hoo

Seven-year-old Everett from Tallahassee, Florida, wants to know why we refer to a scrape or other minor injury as a boo-boo. Such reduplication of words and syllables is common in baby talk used to soothe a child. Also, boo-boo sounds a little like...

Why Do We Say “Baby Blue”?

Danil, a ninth-grader in Traverse City, Michigan, says his class is curious about the term baby blue. This color name apparently has to do with the pale eye color of some newborn babies. A poem reprinted in newspapers across the United States in the...

Chunky Candy Bar Name

Philip Silvershein, inventor of the Chunky candy bar, named those trapezoidal chocolate treats after his granddaughter. She was so chubby as a baby that she was fondly known as Chunky. This is part of a complete episode.

Baby Name Laws

The former student of a Spanish teacher in Valdosta, Georgia, will soon give birth in her homeland, the Czech Republic, one of several countries that have strict naming laws. The mother-to-be would like to name her son Lisandro, but needs official...

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