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Like a Duck on a June Bug

Welcome to another newsletter from "A Way with Words"! In our latest episode, we talked about bird names, "like a duck on a June bug," overuse of the word "like," the expression of disbelief "Good night, nurse...

ruptured duck

ruptured duck  n.— «On Friday, the congressman brought to the hospital what Miller had earned all those years ago—a campaign medal, a Combat Action ribbon, an Honorable Service lapel pin (known to veterans as “the ruptured...

All Over it like a Duck on a Junebug

For many Southerners, it’s very picture of eagerness and alacrity: He was all over that like a duck on a June bug! Martha and Grant reveal the memorable image behind this curious expression. This is part of a complete episode.

Apple Core, Baltimore Game

Martha and Grant revisit the “apple core, Baltimore” game they discussed a few episodes ago. Many listeners learned it from this Donald Duck cartoon. This is part of a complete episode.

bluebird day

bluebird day  n.— «It was warm and sunny, what duck hunters refer to as a bluebird day; great for lounging and talking about ducks but not the preferred nasty weather that gets the birds flying.» —“Waterfowler’s rig is rooted in...

mobile igloo

mobile igloo  n.— «I even found a google discussion group called, “FU people who don’t clean the snow from their cars.”…LOL! in New England, these are referred to as “mobile igloos.”» —“Learn to Duck: Mobile Igloos and...