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astrobioethics  n.— «Say hello to astrobioethics, a branch of ethics involving the implications of life science in space.» —“Be the Parent of a Brand-New Word: Astrobioethics” by Brandom Keim Wired Science Aug. 5...


yoging  n.— «Amey Mathews of Santa Cruz has been practicing yoga since 1994. She teaches it, too. In fact, Amey puts in lots of hours “yoging” (as she calls it), and it makes her very hungry.» —“Back Burner: This blogger...

firehouse primary

firehouse primary  n.— «Political parties in the Commonwealth of Virginia generally employ four methods for selecting party nominees…(3) party canvass or unassembled caucus, also called a “firehouse primary.”…A dissenting...


spang v. to beg for money. Also spange. Hence, spanger, a person who begs for money. Editorial Note: Rhymes with change or range. Etymological Note: Usually said to be a corruption of spare change. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


therapism n. a culture or ideal of mental therapy, empathy, or sharing of feelings, especially as a cure. Editorial Note: This term was popularized, although probably not coined by, novelist Fay Weldon. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)