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Fart in a Mitten and Variants

Sharon in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, says that when her father wanted his children to stop squirming, he used to say “You’re just like a fart in a mitten.” Versions of this term for something moving around a lot, feature a fart in a...

Chutzpah and Daybreak on Slang This!

In this week’s installment of Slang This!, a member of the National Puzzlers League tries to separate the real slang terms from the fake ones. Try this one: If you have chutzpah, might you also be said to “have the stitches” to get...

fart in a mitten

fart in a mitten n. something frenetic or very active; something insignificant. Editorial Note: Usually by way of comparison: “like a fart in a mitten.” (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


bulb  v.— «The only thing of note that was held on a large scale that i can remember from last sem was shaastra but it too was too high funda for poor guys like me—i was bulbing at every possible event i tried to take part in(ok ok, i dont...