1. paddy s says:

    also . . .

    “Fart in a Deep Bathtub” ~~~

    lotsa sound and fury, but nothing of any lasting value.  ‘thrilling at the time, but so what ???

  2. My husband has always used a variation on this, for the first meaning (something frenetic): “like a fart in a skillet.”

  3. Thanks, Deborah! Very useful. I’ll make a cite for it.

  4. In Australia it’s ‘fart in a bottle’.

  5. FRED CARROLL says:

    We moved to Cal 50 years ago, when I was just a kid. My mother still comes up with old Irish – New England stuff that cracks us up. When a pitch or a proposal does not prove to be well received, Mom will comment “Well, that went over like a fart in church!”

  6. Dick Stacy says:

    Re:  Fred Carroll’s comment of 1/14/2007:

    My sargeant in the U.S. Marine Corps introduced me to one of his favorite phrases; “That’s as obvious as a turd in a punchbowl”.

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