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Sunday Throat

Your dining companion suddenly starts choking. Once his coughing subsides, he exclaims, “Whew! Something when down my Sunday throat!” Sunday throat? Martha explains this odd expression. This is part of a complete episode.

surgical souvenir

surgical souvenir  n.— «It turns out the collecting and, even, gifting of so-called “surgical souvenirs”—from the staples that seal a wound after surgery to gallstones to surgical screws and pins—isn’t exactly uncommon, or...

Israeli bandage

Israeli bandage  n.— «Cpl. Fevens explained how Cpl. Robertson should cut his pants off to look for arterial bleeding that could kill him in minutes. After they determined there was none, Cpl. Robertson used something soldiers call Israeli...

terminal wean

terminal wean n. the intentional reduction of medical life-support, especially mechanical or supplemental respiration, that permits a patient to die. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)