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dump  n.— «“We’ve had a lot of snow,” veteran weather observer Jim Markalunas told The Aspen Times, “but they’ve all been small increments, 4, 5 or 6 inches.” Markalunas, who has monitored Aspen’s weather since the mid...


sheetrockero  n.— «Everyone has a place in the Colorado job market, he explains. Men from Chihuahua have a reputation as good construction workers: they do sheetrock installation, taping and house framing. Sheetrock layers are known by a...


flash  n.— «He also, however, got to watch Caldwell tattoo and ask him questions.…There is always the flash—set designs displayed throughout the shop—to give customers ideas.» —“Who’s There: El Guapo” by Leslie...


Sco  n.— «From a slang standpoint, he says, San Francisco is now known to ultimate insiders simply as “the ’Sco.”» —“Frisco, that once-verboten term for the city by the bay, is making a comeback among the young and...


Sco n. San Francisco, California. Editorial Note: Usually constructed with the definite article: the Sco. Etymological Note: A clipping of the full name of the city beyond the far more common Frisco. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


 n.— «The ’Sco…frisco…San Francisco.» —“Slanguage in your area” by Josh Scott Usenet: rec.music.hip-hop Jan. 22, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)