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shore power

shore power  n.— «Shore powe[r]: A regular, wall-mounted electrical outlet. The ESPN crew hires a generator for primary power.» —“Capturing the game” by Abe Aamidor Indianapolis Star (Ind.) May 29, 2004...

snoop cam

snoop cam  n.— «Snoop cam: Small camera on the announcers’ courtside table that’s always on; let’s the director see if the announcers are ready.» —“Capturing the game” by Abe Aamidor Indianapolis Star (Ind...


 n.— « Bumps: Camera shots reflecting anticipation of the game; broadcast before tip-off.» —“Capturing the game” by Abe Aamidor Indianapolis Star (Ind.) May 29, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

beauty shot

beauty shot  n.— «Once the game started, it was all about business, seamlessly blending live shots and instant replays, graphics and “beauty shots,” which is jargon for views of the stadium or home city during a game...


flat  adj.— «Bryan Herta needed just four laps to get “flat,” racing parlance for feeling comfortable enough in a car to press the gas pedal and not let up.» —“Herta makes quick return” by Phillip B...

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