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gray vote

gray vote  n.— «Latham also promised to ramp up spending on Australia’s aged, in a bid to win back the so-called “gray vote.”» —“Australia Labor Leader Chides US On Iraq” by Rebecca Thurlow in Brisbane...

buffet flat

buffet flat  n.— «Have you ever been to a buffet flat? It’s neither a lunchroom nor a variation of a western plain. It’s peculiar to Harlem, yet few white visitors to that Negro haven in New York City ever hear of it, and practically none...

death cross

death cross  n.— «You probably won’t take any comfort in learning that a technical indicator for the Dow Jones industrial average is pointing to a so-called “death cross.” The nasty-sounding indicator pops up when an index’s 50...

sub-penny pricing

sub-penny pricing  n.— «Sub-penny pricing could well occur if some are “tempted to split Mr. Lincoln into further pieces,” Grasso warned. He said “that would be tantamount to a neutron bomb” for U.S. markets and...

sub-penny quoting

sub-penny quoting
 n.— «It would be Nasdaq’s preference that we don’t move to sub-penny quoting.» —“SEC” by Judith Burns Dow Jones News Service May 24, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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