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Episode 1376

Drop a Dime

Why call it a doggy bag when it’s really for your husband? Grant and Martha talk about the language of leftovers and why we eat beef and not cow. And how old is the typical public-library patron? Plus, in Afghanistan, proverbs are part of...

What A Load of Bunk!

Few are the words whose origins we know for certain, but "bunk" is one of them. From the mountains of North Carolina to the halls of Congress to everyday language, Martha scoops the skinny in the latest online-only podcast: Find a...

metric buttload

metric buttload n. a large but indeterminate quantity. Also metric ass-load, metric fuck-load, metric shit-load. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


skeet  v.— «Skeet means like jizz…so he is saying get down so i can blow a load on your face.» —“im gay here is an aim convo” by Brett Hartwell x-i remember halloween-x Feb. 25, 2004. (source: Double...