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Episode 1390

Feeling Gruntled

Hyperbolic Headlines Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!!!! Or maybe not. You’ve seen those breathless headlines on the internet, like “You Won’t Believe What This 7-year-old Said to The President!” They’re supposed to...

Episode 1379

Monkey’s Wedding

It’s the art of constructive feedback: If you’re a teacher with a mountain of papers to grade, you may find yourself puzzling over which kinds of notes in the margins work best. Martha and Grant discuss strategies for effective paper...

Penultimate Husband

We’ve talked before about the term wasband, as in, ex-husband. A caller suggests another good term for that fellow: penultimate husband. This is part of a complete episode.

It’s a Monkey’s Wedding

When it’s raining and sunny at the same time, Brazilians say there’s a marriage between a fox and a nightingale, and South Africans say it’s a monkey’s wedding. Those images are far happier than an American phrase for the...

Get Another Rib

If a fellow’s getting married, you might say he’s getting himself another rib. What slang do you have for getting hitched? This is part of a complete episode.