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bowing  n.— «She has ruffled many a feather by taking on the great masculine taboo of “bowing” (cunnilingus) with her single “Do It to Me,” and sees testosterone-fuelled dancehall’s tendency toward homophobia as...


fooding n. a restauranting trend which emphasizes food as a style choice, usually via new or fusion cuisines in combination with factors not related to food, such as a unique or trendy atmosphere. Editorial Note: In French, fooding takes the...


shmen  n.— «Let us assume that “wench” is a current sexist way of making a masculine or neuter noun apply to women. We can hypothesize that “shwench” is a feminine form of “shmen.” From this...

boy beater

boy beater n. a ribbed white cotton tank top; a wife beater. Etymological Note: Parallel to the masculine garment, a wife beater. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)