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Cabbage Night

Cabbage Night  n.— «Ah, the joys of the annual ritual of mischief known throughout Vermont as Cabbage Night. It’s the night many home- and business-owners have come to dread as youths harness all their collective naughtiness into one...


shakhidka  n.— «You won’t find it in any Russian dictionary, but a single word dominates newspaper headlines and conversations in the street after two weeks of bombings and mayhem: shakhidka, or female Islamist suicide bomber. A mix of the...

lunch shooter

lunch shooter
 n.— «Lunch shooters took lunch orders for other brewery workers.» —“Dead Lunch Shooters” Media Mayhem (St. Louis, Mo.) Apr. 27, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


shoot  v.— «Lunch shooters took lunch orders for other brewery workers. Nobody knows how the term originated exactly. The term “shoot me a beer” was also used by beer bottlers. “Shoot” in brewery parlance is...