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buffet flat

buffet flat  n.— «From Twenty-second street south in Michigan avenue, Wabash avenue, State street, and the cross streets as far south as Thirty-first street is a rich district of the so-called buffet flats. There, too, can be found...

Michigan double

Michigan double  n.— «Usually the double-trailer combinations, called “Michigan Doubles” in trucker parlance, carry steel or some other raw materials, while many of the single-trailer ones I’ve seen are fuel tankers...

food insecurity

food insecurity  n.— «Driving the “food insecurity” numbers—a term coined by the federal government to measure hunger—is Michigan’s stubborn unemployment rate, the anti-hunger research and policy group said.» —“Economy...


knot n. a roll of paper currency, esp. many small-denomination bills wrapped in a higher-value note. Also Michigan roll, Missouri roll. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)