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Another Antiwitz

Our conversation about goofy German antiwitze prompts listeners to send in their own silly jokes. For example: What’s the difference between a duck? A pencil, because a duck has no sleeves! This is part of a complete episode.


Ever notice how you can sing the lyrics of “Amazing Grace” to the theme from “Gilligan’s Island”—or for that matter, to “The House of the Rising Sun”? Turns out there are many more examples of this. Is there...


happy-clappy  adj.— «There again, his departure may not have been quite so abrupt as it at first appears. Of the eight top executives—nine if you include Mickey Mouse—photographed in the company’s happy-clappy annual report, he’s the only...


blaccent  n.— «Janeane Garofalo, after ranting about folks like Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera copying the “blaccent,” “I mean, did you guys come up the hard way through the Mickey Mouse club...