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Episode 1382

Catbird Seat

Online recaps of Mad Men or Breaking Bad can be as much fun as the shows themselves. So why not recap classic literature — like, say, Dante’s Inferno? A literary website is doing just that. And, you’ve heard about the First World and the...

Tracking Notice Tweet

Name developer and language observer Nancy Friedman tweeted this curious tracking notice from UPS: “Your package has experienced an exception.” This is part of a complete episode.

Haiku for Yoga Teacher

Nancy Friedman, who writes the blog Fritinancy, tweeted this haiku for National Grammar Day: “Dear yoga teacher/ if you say down once more/ I’ll hurt you, no lie.” This is part of a complete episode.

Almost Up to Possible

Hello, guys and dolls--it's another newsletter from A Way with Words. We aired an episode this past weekend in which we talked about the footwear known as "go-aheads," what part of the body is "possible,"...