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Odd Couples Word Puzzle

Quiz Guy Greg Pliska addles our brains with a puzzle called Odd Couples. See if you can figure out these strange celebrity pairings who share last names. “Anyone? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller” and “Bueller is Bueller is...

The Odd Man Out Game

Quiz Guy Greg Pliska has a Grant and Martha version of The Odd Man Out Game, wherein one term doesn’t belong in the list of four. Take Martha, Irving, Denzel, and Booker. Which one doesn’t fit? It’s Irving, because...

Odd Man Out Puzzle

Quiz Guy Greg Pliska offers a colorful variation on his ever-popular “Odd Man Out” puzzle. In this series, for example, which one doesn’t belong: Imperial, Shasta, Kings, and Orange. This is part of a complete episode.

red light fever

red light fever  n.— «Obviously, the singer had red light fever. The engineers or producer should have taken the situation in hand and given that guy some sort of comfort level. They hosed him.» —“Odd studio experiences” by...

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