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The locals on Cape Cod refer to a newly arrived outsider as a wash-ashore. This is part of a complete episode.


BOI  n.— «Griffin tabbed Grady an “outsider” and said his own roots in the community, as a BOI who grew up in Galveston and Santa Fe, meant he knew the sensibilities of the community.…Grady said that while he was not a BOI, he was a...


caging  n.— «The contribution checks went to a Viguerie “caging function” here for processing. Peck protested, charging that Dornan’s campaign was “run out of Falls Church.” Recognizing that “Peck’s got a...


sheisty  adj.— «Their travails, the baby-mama drama, the “sheisty” record execs, the violence that comes closer than most of us will ever experience, are all documented in “Westside”.» —“Outsider’s View Of Hip...


blow-in n. an outsider; a carpetbagger. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


Fujimorazo  n.— «The 1990 election of Alberto Fujimori, a political “outsider,” was an appeal by Peruvians for a strong hand at the helm as the country weathered the storms of economic chaos. Fujimori wasted little time in...

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