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Subscribing to an Idea

Is subscribing just for magazines and podcasts, or can you subscribe to an idea? A husband and wife disagree over whether the latter is grammatically correct. This is part of a complete episode.

free look period

free look period  n.— «State laws also have what is called a “free look” period, usually from 10-30 days, during which an annuity can be returned for a full refund with no strings attached.» —“Is An Annuity Right For You...


podfade  n.— «But there’s a problem with deciding to do a podcast on mortgages if you’re just in it for the money…after a few episodes you’re likely to experience what’s known in the industry as “podfade”—that’s when a podcast...

Podcast Bonus! The New Word Open Mic

In June, Grant attended the biennial meeting of the Dictionary Society of North America. One of the highlights was the New Word Open Mic where anybody was invited to step up to the microphone and submit a new word they had coined or found. Grant was...