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play dead

play dead  v. phr.— «Still more fiendish is the strategy of “playing dead,” again supposedly being employed by the Conservatives. According to a series of pundits, Conservative leader Michael Howard has avoided saying directly...

Fedders house

Fedders house  n.— «Last year, a group took to the streets to protest the loss of their homes to condominiums and co-ops—buildings they have labeled “Fedders houses” after the air-conditioning units that protrude from the...


 n.— «MOOP bags and pick-up-sticks.» —“Re: Protest Silicon Satan’s Attack on Burning Man” Usenet: talk.environment Oct. 30, 2000. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


crab  n.— «“South Africa caught a crab unrelated to that. They were on the other side of their lane. Unfortunately, the way it looked in their protest, in the preliminary stage, has disqualified us.” A crab, in rowing parlance...


hikoi  n.— «Macdonald, whose memoir ends with a compelling account of the hikoi, the great protest march of Maoris to Waitangi in 1984, has a similar view.» —“Land Long Under a Cloud” by Spiro Zavis Sydney Morning...


hikoi n. a ceremonial walk; a march or protest parade. Editorial Note: Maori. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)