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tin medal

tin medal  n.— «For some kind of tin medal for having made the least valuable contribution toward solving the strike situation in defense industries, we nominate those gentlemen who rose in the Senate and House and shrieked for “the...


wofie  n.— «Foreign companies no longer have to go into joint ventures with state-owned enterprises, known as SOEs—ventures that are often fraught with problems. “In dealing with a SOE, your goals are never going to be the same, and...

pull a heart muscle

pull a heart muscle v. phr. to withdraw, back out, or retreat from a competition, conflict, or obligation; to chicken out. Editorial Note: To pull a heart muscle is similar to having tiny heart syndrome. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

get a pull

get a pull  v.— «I’ve always thought since, that for what I done for them I was going to get a pull (be arrested.)» —“Sunday Mirror Investigates Scandal Of Bribe To Escape Prison Term: Cash For Pardons” by Graham...