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Catbird Seat

Online recaps of Mad Men or Breaking Bad can be as much fun as the shows themselves. So why not recap classic literature — like, say, Dante’s Inferno? A literary website is doing just that. And, you’ve heard about the First World and the...


Listen up, Scrabble players! Zax is a real word that refers to a kind of roofing tool. This is part of a complete episode.


Is irregardless a real word? A caller wants his wife to stop saying it. Good thing he loves her regardless! This is part of a complete episode.


An American cartographer for the United Nations reports that he and his British wife disagree over whether lollygolly is a real word that means “to dawdle.” Martha and Grant show the mapmaker where to draw the line. This is part of a...

Words of the Year (full episode)

In this episode, Grant offers a peek at some expressions he’s nominating for the American Dialect Society’s 2007 Word of the Year vote in January, 2008. Will it be w00t, subprime, or something else? You can also check out Grant’s...

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