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didymo  n.— «Didymosphenia geminata, or didymo, was first identified in Southland’s Mararoa and lower Waiau Rivers in October last year—the first time it had been found in the Southern Hemisphere.» —“‘Rock snot’ found in...


aerotropolis  n.— «This phenomenon is not new, Bender and others say. It even has a name, which was coined by University of North Carolina professor John Kasarda: the aerotropolis. The idea is that major business centers have always...


 suffix— «Digital Music Express Water Ski Tacular.» —“1992 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta Schedule” News Record (North Hills, Penn.) Aug. 2, 1992. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

bark mitzvah

bark mitzvah  n.— «Next channel. Talk show host Joan Rivers appears. It’s her dog Spike’s 13th birthday, his “bark mitzvah.” Rivers promises, “We’re going to have a gala celebration with lots of four-legged friends and...