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body shopping

body shopping  n.— «“Body shopping” (which is the industry buzzword for hiring freelance IT consultants) should then be considered as outsourcing.» —“Technology outsourcing-wasting a great opportunity” by Marek...


 adj.— «There are quite a number who consider it more fantoosh to do their shopping in Perth.» —Dictionary of the Scots Language , 1947. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


gank  v.— «In their confession to police, the two youths said they would go “make a run” or “gank an o.g.,” which means they would drive around until they spotted an elderly woman, usually at a bank or shopping...


flyero  n.— «Clinic owners—usually private-practice doctors—hire flyeros, as they are known in Spanglish, to distribute fliers in the 4th Street shopping district in Santa Ana, a city where 74% of the population speaks Spanish.» —“To...

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