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Episode 1533

Life of Riley

Unwrap the name of a candy bar, and you just might find a story inside. For instance, one chewy treat found in many a checkout lane is named after a family’s beloved horse. And: 50 years ago in the United States, some Latino elementary...

Snickers the Horse; Mars and Murray

The Snickers candy bar was named after a beloved family horse. The sugar-shelled chocolates called M&Ms take their name from a combination of the initials of their inventors, Forrest Mars and Bruce Murray. This is part of a complete episode.

We Pinkie-Swear

Fellow wordivas and wordudes, This week on A Way with Words we start a brand-new season! To celebrate, we noodled with anagrams, including the one in the title of this episode. Listen here. Also on the show: A New York City schoolteacher asks...

Howdy, It’s a Wit’s War!

A Way with Words is starting a brand-new season! Find out what a motorcyclist wears to keep from getting sunburned– is it a do-rag or a dew-rag? A listener wonders “Why is an undesirable task called a g-job?” Martha shares a trick...