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Soda Pop Name Origin

Craig from Helena, Montana, wonders about the etymology of pop as a term for a carbonated beverage. Depending on which part of the country you’re from, you might also call this drink a soda or a coke. This is part of a complete episode.

Drink a Cabinet

Wendy from San Diego, California, is curious about the soda fountain treat known in Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts as a cabinet. Elsewhere it’s called a milk shake, frappe, velvet, or frost. This is part of a complete episode.

hard R comedy

hard R comedy  n.— «This is what those in the biz like to refer to as a “hard R” comedy, meaning lots of profanity, sexual content and other mature themes. This is not a comedy for your kids, nor is it a comedy for your grandparents, but...

Pwned Prose, Stat, you Mavericks!

Welcome to another newsletter from A Way with Words. This one's full of soda-fountain goodness! Let's just say right out of the gate that, judging by the emails and phone calls, the top call for this past weekend's show was the one...

fire in the hole

fire in the hole  n.— «The prank, known as “fire in the hole,” has become common in the past year. It happened July 25 to fast-food worker Jessica Ceponis at the drive-through of the Taco Bell in Merritt Island, about 50 miles...

brown gas

brown gas  n.— «Besides saving gas money, using what is called “brown gas” makes the car drive smoother, cleans the engine and is better for the environment, Bogue said.…Under his hood, Bogue filled six quart-sized jars...