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Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

Hi! In our latest episode: How do rules of grammar develop, anyway? What's "tarantula juice"? How did "boondoggle" come to mean "a waste of taxpayer money"? Plus, funny movie mistakes, and a new spin on the slang...


Your mother gave you life, and you gave her … a boondoggle. Or is it a lanyard? Maybe a gimp? Grant assures a listener there are several terms for that long key fob you made at summer camp out of plastic yarn. Boondoggle seems to have...


scrumbling  n.— «Some people refer to it as scrumbling and others call it freeform crochet and knitting.…Free form crochet is a modular technique. The image above is an example of what the scrumbles look like before they are...


fussy-cut v. in quilting, to cut shapes from fabric that take into account the fabric’s decoration or pattern. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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