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shoulder  n.— «The fares, good for round trip or one-way, are prices for basic, shoulder, peak and holiday (Christmas). Certain restrictions apply.» —“Cycling Canada” by Carolyn McGuire Chicago Tribune Aug. 7...

vacation diplomacy

vacation diplomacy n. the use of a non-state trip by a politician or diplomat to show friendliness with the nation being visited. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

vacation diplomacy

vacation diplomacy  n.— «In 1990, Hao Po-tsun, then “president of Executive Yuan,” visited Singapore on vacation, which set the precedent for what later came to be called “vacation diplomacy.”» —“Taiwan trip...

flying fox

flying fox  n.— «Afternoon activities might include a paddle on Merribrook’s trout-filled lake, a bushwalk, bike ride or, to cater for those over-active kids again, a trip down what is billed as the world’s longest flying fox, a 400-metre...