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Attraction Abbreviations

In Washington, DC, National Park Service employees refer to Ford’s Theater as FOTH, Peterson House as PEHO, and the Washington Monument as WAMO. This is part of a complete episode.


pawsenger  n.— «Your pets will be begging to fly on PetAirways, an animal-friendly airline launching July 14 and serving five cities—Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C. Among the airline’s amenities, dogs and...

Go Fly a Kite

“Go fly a kite!” A caller from Washington, D.C. wonders whose kite is getting flown and why. Naturally, we have some ideas! Here’s a copy of the cartoon Grant mentions (from the Chicago Tribune May 15, 1927, p. G2). This is part of...

Grey vs. Gray

A Washington, D.C. caller wonders whether there’s a difference between the words grey and gray. Do they designate exactly the same thing? Why are they spelled differently. This is part of a complete episode.

circuit breaker

circuit breaker  n.— «The same kind of proposal is offered for property taxes, with a special commission endorsement of the “circuit breaker” provision of Wisconsin and Minnesota laws that give low-income elderly homeowners and...


shotgunning  v.— «The memorandum, written by Jeb Stuart Magruder, then a White House assistant, to H.R. Haldeman, who was the Presidential chief of staff, said that “shotgunning the media” was not effective.…In the...