n.— «When Disney’s artists created dancing mushrooms almost 70 years ago, they did so by drawing still pictures on dozens of celluloid pages, or “cels.” But, Lopez and his fellow students are learning to use a computer program called Adobe Flash that uses “paths” controlled by algebraic equations and a process called “tweening,” to do the same thing—create the illusion of movement on the screen.» —“Computer Animation Offered ; St. Pius Art Class Teaches Students Growing Technique of Creating Movies” by Jack King redOrbit Oct. 7, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. A Clark says:

    Tweening is not a term that is unique to Adobe Flash. During the days of hand-drawn cel animation, talented but inexperienced artists actually drew the incremental cels between two main cels and those workers were called “tweeners.” Eventually, a lot of that work was exported to Pacific Rim shops where it could be done more cheaply than in the US. Now, even that work is computerized, since the introduction of 100% computerized animation.

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