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absentee lobbying

absentee lobbying
 n.— «Dustin McDaniel’s bid to ban “absentee lobbying” raises a question: How often do lobbyists pay for lawmakers” food and drinks without attending the event? Many lawmakers and lobbyists say they’re not sure. Some suggest it doesn’t happen. One lawmaker privately wondered whether talk that certain lawmakers ate at Little Rock” most expensive restaurants with lobbyists” credit cards was “an urban myth.” […] “I know there have been instances where people have said, “You all go down to Doe’s [a Little Rock eatery] or somewhere, and I’ll call ahead and make arrangements and I’ll be down there,” and they come in towards the end or something.”» —“Bill targets lobbyists who pay and run” by Michael R. Wickline Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Fayetteville, Arkansas) Mar. 28, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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