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Celebrate National Grammar Day

Hey, everybody!

This past weekend's show was our tribute to National Grammar Day, which is Tuesday, March 4th. Among other things, we talked about "booby trap," the food dish "turkey Manhattan," "lock, stock, and barrel," and what title Bill Clinton should take if Hillary Clinton is elected president.


We also put out a call for a word to describe when you try to do things in the real world, like hit the undo key, that can only be done on a computer. A caller gave the example of when you're writing with pen on paper and you expect Microsoft Word's automatic spell-checker to kick in. Chime in with yours here:


We also put out a call for anyone who knows anything about the school cafeteria dish called a "turkey Manhattan" or a "beef Manhattan." Familiar? Let us know.

What a blast we had at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament this past weekend! We were so out of our league. See pictures here:


Meredith McGroarty at New York Press has a summary of the dramatic final round:


The winners:


To close this week, we'd like to thank Rosemarie Ostler for sending us an advance copy of her new book "Let's Talk Turkey." She's written short histories of expressions like "throw in the towel," "carry a torch," and "go for broke." More here:



Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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