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 adj.Gloss: An abbreviation of “clandestine.” «The word clande is a common slang term used to describe the guy or chick on the side. Clande comes from the word clandestine meaning the two might both be in other relationships but choose to meet secretly. It also came from a radio advert for a lodging known as the “Clande club.” The advertisement caused so much furore it was taken off air. Clande also means that even if one of them is single, they both know that they are ” creeping” behind someone’s back. Who knows what drives many to get clandes of Nairobi city. The funny thing is once they get caught, most deny ever having seen their said clande. Inevitably this results in violence from the clande and the mate, the two mates or even all three.» —“Sex and the city” by Chiquita The Standard (Nairobi, Kenya) Mar. 27, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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