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 n.— «I started noticing them; hipster punks riding around on old road bikes with a fixed gear and (yuck) a brake or two. Most of them wore distasteful, mess bag like devices that are sold at the Gap and a shiny new kryptonite chain around their waists’.…Many couriers have funny names for these characters like culture-vulture, poser, dick-jocker, tourist hipster scum and fakenger. They don’t have real track bikes, but converted road “wack bikes.” ”its fashion, not function”, says Alex, who opened Bicycle Doctor (133 Grand street,), a Brooklyn bike shop catering to just about everybody that sells a lot of track bikes. “In the last year I have sold more track bikes than in the four previous years combined.” Being in Williamsburg a huge percentage of these bikes must be being sold to poser, hipster douche bag fakenger scum.» —“The Track Bike” by The Joker Courier Dispatch (New York City) Apr. 14, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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