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international residential tourism

international residential tourism
 n.— «“For instance, while the number of British settlers in Turkey is around 8,000 according to EGM figures, what we estimate looking at the inflow and outflow of pensions in British is that this number is actually over 38,000,” Laçiner said, emphasizing that he reckoned the total number of settled foreigners currently living in Turkey was definitely above 300,000. “But I can’t yet say how much above, it may even be half a million.” This movement, which is sometimes called the phenomenon of “international residential tourism,” has also been encouraged by some European governments, particularly for retired people since the cost for those governments of having retired people abroad is less than keeping them at home, therefore the number has been constantly increasing.» —“Turkey’s ’European minority’ outgrows tourist policies” Turkish Weekly (Ankara, Turkey) Apr. 9, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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