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  • yup.  Janky= messed up, dilapidated, falling apart, retarded, etc.  I often refer to my janky-assed car.

  • I used this word today for this very meaning and they all looked at me like I was janky. Well, I guess I’m not the only one.

  • I was told that janky “is or is like” a politically correct version of ghetto (adj.).  This seems to cover most if not all usages.

  • I want to know what’s the meaning of
    the name Jinky?Please kindly help me
    in knowing the meaning of the name Jinky.

  • I am a real estate agent and sometimes use janky, as i did yesterday, to describe features of other sellers units.

  • My name is mista-Z and I have had alot of disagreements with this word,JANKIE,me and a friend were disagreeing about how the word is spelled I spell it with an IE,but he spells it with a Y,How is it really spelled? Can it be said both ways?

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