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  • No aid shoould flow to Africa
    with all the scam monez
    they collected so far

  • na u come b mugu! wetin u mean by make aid no flow come africa? dey tell u say we need am b4? no b d thif thif wen una thif us make us b as we b?

    africa go develop. 1 day b 1 day.

  • una don dey kolo? wetin make una no signal ma post na? abi una dey shame?

    make kwerrakotta no catch una for dere.na only naija dey do?all of ina no dey show una sef?

    befor una throw away stone make una first wash the glass house wey una dey stay!

  • Nanna, we don’t make your people steal.  If they were good people, nobody could make them thieves.

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