We need your contribution today.

A Way with Words costs money to make.

And it receives no money from National Public Radio or radio stations.

In fact, the biggest part of the show’s budget is covered by listeners just like you.

More than a thousand of them, each saying with every dollar, “I want more intelligent radio. I want better radio. I want more of this.”

They give because:

  • The show’s corporate sponsors cover just 25% of the budget.
  • More and more people ask the show for language help each year.
  • Their whole family enjoys the show.
  • They learn as they listen.

Above all, they give because there’s nothing else like it on public radio.

What you give right now will be used to craft brand-new episodes.

With our sincerest thanks,


Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett
co-hosts of A Way with Words

PS: We explained more about why we’re fundraising in our last letter.

You may also send tax-deductible donations by postal mail to:

    Wayword, Inc.
    P.O. Box 632721
    San Diego, CA 92163

Photo by Fabrizio Sciami. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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