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Take Off H

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a puzzle that’s taking off — literally. He offers clues that suggest two words, one of those words being formed by removing the initial H from the other. For example, what two words are suggested by I crept down the...

Fresh Fruit Puzzler

Quiz Guy John Chaneski has a fresh-picked puzzle about familiar fruits. For example, if you cherish someone, what fruit-inspired phrase about one’s eye comes to mind? This is part of a complete episode.

Haters Gonna Quiz Quiz Quiz

Quiz Guy John Chaneski’s puzzle plays on the phrase haters gonna hate to describe people who are just going to do what they’re going to do. Foollowing that pattern, for example, what phrase would you apply to those teens out there at the...

Stars! A Word Puzzle

Quiz Guy John Chaneski is starry-eyed about his latest puzzle, which involves the names of constellations. You might guess that the constellation Aquila has something to do with water. Actually, it’s named for a bird. Which one? This is part...

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