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out over one’s skis

out over one’s skis
 otherGloss: being ahead of oneself or behaving rashly. «Some advertisers like Coca-Cola have expressed surprise that Beacon then required users to take action if they did not want the messages sent out. “This is a bit of an example of Facebook being, as we refer to it, ‘out over your skis.’ They got a little bit ahead of themselves.”» —“Apologetic, Facebook Changes Ad Program” by Louise Story New York Times Dec. 6, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • This is sort of interesting. You would think that something like this would have originated in the skiing world, and yet in 21 years as a skier (and 8 on the US Ski Team) I’ve never heard it.

    Maybe it’s referring to water skiing?

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