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Points on a Compass, the Saga Continues

Welcome to another edition of the "A Way with Words" newsletter!

Remember Tom, the guy who's still trying to recall a word he insists he learned long ago? He said it meant "the points on a compass." We spoke to him on the air twice. Both calls generated a boatload of suggestions from listeners. One response stood out above all the others, so Martha and Grant go back to Tom for a third time with what they hope is the right answer. Listen and comment here:


Thanks to everyone who responded to the last newsletter to say that "bongiorno" isn't "good morning" in Italian. With a capital "B," that's a family name. It should have been "buongiorno." Grant is counting on your "benevolenza" about his mistake.

We buffed and shined the look of our web site yesterday (though the discussion forums are still under development). Take a peek. While you're there, visit our "Ask a Question" page where you can find out how to be a guest on the show:


We want to tease you again with this reminder: brand-new, one-hour shows will start appearing in the podcast feed November 21st and on the air November 24th and 25th.

Grazie and tanti auguri,

Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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