1. degustibus says:

    Okay, first time I’ve seen “s**g”, which I’m assuming is a daintyism for “shag”.

    Such delicate eyes . . . is this from the original or an expurgation from the DTWW editor?

    Bowdler lives!

  2. From the original source, of course. Use the site search to see that DTWW doesn’t shy away from earthy language.

  3. Neil says:

    ‘A glossary note here: according to several newspapers, “roasting” is supposed to suggest the stuffing of a piece of meat. More likely, it seems to me, is that it refers to spit-roasting, with an insertion at either end.’
    —David Aaronovich, ‘What footballers really want: each other’, The Guardian G2, 7 October 2003, 5

  4. For what it’s worth, another source (not reputable, though) suggested that it had to do with “basting” the meat.

  5. Jeremy Bell says:

    I first heard this word whilst in Singapore in 1968. It refered to one woman and two men.

    One man takes either of the orifices at the rear of the woman and the other inserts his penis into her mouth.

    Just like spit “roasting” a chicken.

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