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rub and tug

rub and tug
 n.— «The help they need can come from one of two places—from the Chinese community itself, or the shady world of what is often called the “rub and tugs” within the massage parlour business.» —“Cops are just as stumped now as they were 3 years ago when the gruesome triple murder occurred at a Markham rub parlour” by Mark Bonokoski Sun (Toronto, Canada) Apr. 27, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • This expression crops up on an old cassette tape I have , dated about 1984 , of a live “concert” by Sir Les Patterson – entitled Ten Inches of Les . From that title you can gain a good idea of the type of songs involved – however he frequently uses Australian slang [at the time he was Australian cultural Ambassador to London] whence , do doubt , this expression .

    Another highly-effective piece of Aussie slang I recall him using from that time is/was “the map of Tasmaina”, which I leave to readers to work out .

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